Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here we go Week 1!!!

 (ok so I wrote this and took photos on Monday (1/9), and forgot to post! SORRY!)
Weight loss Challenge!
I wanna win....I wanna be thin!

We can do this! Im gonna work hard.
 My meal plan is set. Work out plan is in the works.
I wish I was confident enough to share weight numbers with you...Im not!
SOO, Im gonna share weekly pictures!
At the end we will compare week 1 photo 8 photo.
Hopefully there is a big difference!!!!

Dont make fun! .
This WILL be fun............ OR NOT, but it will be good for me and my family!
I took photos in the striped shirts, but felt that wasnt ok, cuz it makes me look even bigger... so I switched to a stained tank. I didnt know it was stained until AFTER the photo! UGH! AND hopefully posting these photos help me, as this is kinda embarrassing.


Can you tell I fed Penelope recently when I took these photos!!! AHHHH hahaha


  1. Good for you girl! I also am doing my own road to healthy and blogging about it. Keep posting so we can keep encouraging!

  2. Tess! You are too funny! Good for you! You can do it!

  3. I forgot to add that my favorite part about the pictures is your socks. It's good to know someone else rocks the mis matched socks. Honestly, who has time to make sure they're all paired together?!

  4. Love you pretty lady! You can do it! Go Tess Go!!!!

  5. You are going to do great. And I'm pretty inspired to do it too. Not sure if I'm confident enough to do pictures though.