Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 2 Complete!

Not much to report on.
Ive had a few cravings, thats not fun!!
My friend Jessicas home has coke a cola decor.
That was hard, made me want a Coke, REALLY bad!

I also had a hard time when I went out and about, and was STARVING.
Dinner was soon, I waited, but not without getting SUPER aggravated, snapping at my hubby and kids.
Nick had make a protein filled taco salad, so that was super helpful, and I was fine after that! I wanted a HUGE soda then as well. I didnt give in!

I also went to our young marrieds group at church, Nachos were the snack, I have 5 chips with a little bit of salsa!!! Thats could have gone wrong. Saturday, we went to a get together, they had sandwiches, but on croissants! I ditched the croissant, and had the meat with mustard!! Then after the get together there was a birthday party, MAN there was A LOT of food, I mean A LOT! I just ate from the veggie platter, no dip, they also had soda, SCREAMING my name, not I drank lemon water!!!! I did however, eat ONE cake pop! I was proud of myself!!! 

Well, after this past week, I lost 5 pounds!!! Thats a total of 11!!!
Cant tell yet, but here are photos:


  1. Way to go tess!!! You can see a difference, well I can you inspired me :) Thanks!

  2. Yay! You're looking good! Keep it up and sorry about the tempting decor ;)