Friday, May 15, 2009

She Amazes me!

I know that little ones absorb lots and lots, but I think its still not clicking with me. Each day Anberlyn watches one of 2 Baby Signing time videos we have. I guess I dont really think she is gonna get it because I dont sign. So out of no where she does. A few weeks ago we were at Disneyland and I said look at the birds and she looks at me says "bird" and signs it!!!! I was amazed!!

Then the other day she kept tapping her head saying "hat" I didnt see a hat in sight. I took her to where she was looking and she grabbed a hat from under something!!!! I thought it was a super cool moment. Looking at your child and watching her grow and learn! Thats her in the hat above, I have no idea were that hat came from, I know no one in the navy.

Anberlyn's hair is just barely long enough to have pig tails!!!

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