Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A WONDERFUL long weekend!

This past weekend Nick and I celebrated 6 years of marriage!! We started it off by dropping Anberlyn off at a friends house. They have a daughter a few months younger than Anbo, they had a blast!
We then headed off to see Transformers, neither of us really enjoyed it. Six years ago Nick took me out to dinner, an amazing dinner after that meal we walked down to this memorial thing, this is where he asked me to be his wife, SO every year (except one) we head down to this restaurant to eat, and I think this year was the most AMAZING meal! Las Brisas YUM YUM YUM! This place also has an amazing view: After our meal, completely stuffed, we headed home to drop off our left overs, I changed out of my heals, and we went off to see The Proposal. The first theatre we went to was sold out, the next one didnt have a showing for hours, and on our way to the 3rd one I broke down, I missed Anbo and I kept think Nick and I were gonna get into a car accident and she would be left with no one! Nick said we could just go home , but I said no it ok, we will be ok, as Im bawling! haha We got to the theatres it wasnt sold out and they had a showing!!! I REALLY enjoyed this movie! I reccomend it!

We came home and set out an air matress in the living room and camped out and watched a movie ( We LOVE movies and dont get to watch as many since Anbo) Morning came around. Nick made breakfast and then we headed over to coffee bean to meet up with our friendsto get our daughter!!! So EXCITING! Our Sunday was fun we cleaned up the patio and just spent a day at home! Nick stayed home from work on Monday to spend a day at Disneyland!!! We decided to get Anbo ready in her swim suit to play in the water at DCA! (This is a neighbors front door. )and off we go! Nick and I took lots and lots of pictures. I couldnt decide which to share so I am sharing lots and lots of them! I hope you enjoy! We sure did! I LOVE LOVE LOVE family days! The weather was perfect for it as well! Not to hot!

The water came on anf got me!

My Cuties!

Shes figuring out where we are going next, Toy Story, a quick change and we were off.

Anberlyn LOVES standing on fences and looking through.

She was knocked out!!!

She NEVER gets this knocked out, she even slept through us picking her up and getting onto Pirates! She didnt wake up until after the second little drop on the ride! even then she was in LALA land!

Scarey daddy!

She LOVED going up and down the stairs.

Daddy is tired!

HI Daddy!

She loved the fireworks! I was surprised I thought they would scare her!

It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day!


  1. Your family is so cute; you guys look like you have so much fun together!

  2. WOW, what a fun couple of days. Adorable.

  3. Cute pictures!! You guys are have a a blast so far this summer it looks like ;)