Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a girl.....?

There is a pretty good chance that the baby is a girl, the Ultra-sound tech said 75% chance. The baby never spread its legs, no matter how many time I got up to pee or wiggled my belly around! So there still is a chance we might be having a boy!
I am now very excited for a girl! All of the clothing we have saved, and them sharing a room, how perfect! We have finally after much discussion and whatnot come up with a name for her! Which we will share with everyone on the 25th when its a confirmed girl! Its a cute name and it fits our family!
Trying to get across to a 22 month old that she is going to be a sister, doesnt really work, she kisses my belly and says baby, but Im sure she really has no clue that her little life is gonna be turned upside down in just a few short months! Im scared, its gonna be hard. After a few months they will be sharing a room, and I cant help but think Anberlyn is gonna want to share a blanket or a toy and throw it into the crib at night, maybe bonking the baby on the head! We are gonna invest in a video monitor so I can see whats going on, but it still worries me a bit.
Here I am rambling yet again. Its an adventure to come, and although I am scared Im excited to do it!


  1. It is great to have two of the same. It is also a lot cheaper. LOL!!! It's hard for them to understand how their lifes are going to change. Once the baby comes homes it might take a few days before she understands that she is there to stay. It will all work out, I promise. It is hard at first, but once you get down a system that works for you eveything will be fine. I just pray for a easy baby for you. The hardest thing for me is that Joshua needs to be held ALL the time. Just wait till the baby starts really enjoying Ambo. When you see how the baby will look at Ambo and they both just light up with joy and love, it will bring you to tears. It is just the best thing!!! We can't wait to meet her!

  2. Ohhhhh, I can't WAIT to hear the name!!

    And, we just got a video monitor and it is AWESOME! Totally worth the money and I wish I'd had it from the very beginning. You will love it!