Saturday, December 19, 2009

In three months time

Emersyn Abigale you are growing so quickly, time is flying by. I love feeling your every move and love watching you move across my belly, so alien like and creepy! I love knowing your inside of me, that I am protecting you from harm, that I am all you have. Your daddy loves and adores you, he laughs everytime he sees that alien like move. Your sister, Anberlyn, doesnt understand yet that in three months time you are gonna change her world. She hugs & kisses my belly every night and tells you nigh night. When I ask her where her sister is she lifts up her own shirt and points to her belly, your daddy and I laugh and tell her no not there so she points at daddies belly, nope not there we tell her, when she finally comes over laughing and points at mommies tummy! She will soon know, once your here in mommy and daddies arms.
Im so excited for you to finally be here, at the same time scared of whats to come. Scared of change, not knowing what to expect from you. Its a new chapter in our lives. Im excited to meet you Emersyn, In three months time!

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