Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I didnt start watching it until after the 3rd season, May or June of 2007.
While pregnant with Anberlyn and really sick I was HOOKED. My sister loaned us seasons 1-3 on DVD, went through them in 2 weeks.

The next 2 seasons were great as well, then this last one, it didnt start off well, but I continued through it, needing to know, needing to understand.

Tonight I watched the series finale, AHHHHHHHHH IT WAS HORRIBLE! I wasted to much time and excitement on the show, I kinda wish it would have just ended in the middle of last season, keeping me wanting more, not like I am now, disappointed and just in disbelief that they would end it like this.

Oh well....

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  1. This gives a pretty good explanation.

    I thought the finale was awesome! I'm sorry you didn't like it.