Thursday, July 24, 2014

Seeing GREEN

7 weeks ago, June 2nd,  I made the decision to join Younique, after hosting a party and buying this Magic Mascara!
It was love at first site! My lashes were long, my eyes openned up more! It was AMAZING!!!  I sorta looked into the comp plan, I heard great stories, but for $99 what did I have to loose, I'll make that back and be happy..... HA!!!!
June 12th, just 10 days in I hit the first 2 levels, on the same day! Yellow and Pink! I got a pay raise and was over the moon! June 23rd, 11 days later, I hit blue!!! HELLO!!! The 24th I hit Fast Start! YEEEHAW! 
July 5th I got my first comissions check, YAY!!! I was STUNNED!
On sales we get paid within hours of each sale! Hello instant money!!!
Today, July 24th, I hit GREEN! Thats HUGE!!!! of the 8 levels, Im on the 5th one! Top 1% of the company! HEY do a little dance with me.. ALL from selling mascara on Facebook!!!! 
I have developed amazing friendships, Im helping to save for a house, I am having fun and just plain EXCITED for whats to come!!! Its insane!!! 
Next week I head to Dallas Texas for a convention, which I paid for with my earnings!! I get to dress up and get fancy, I get to hang out with Lash Loving ladies.

My first goal was to have fun! Now that Im doing this and having fun, I didnt realize how much I would LOVE seeing before and after photos! How much I LOVE hearing about how a mascara brought a bit of confidence in! Im BLOWN away! This company is honest, treats their presenters like royalty and a million more things I cant come up with at this moment! 

I want the WORLD to know about our amazing produncts, YES I make money on it, but more importantly, I see a person smile, I hear and see excitement! I just LOVE it! I get giddy ,and thats no lie! 
Im here to share the lash love! Im here to help women! Im here having the time of my life while still being able to be at home with my kids watching them grow! This my dear friends, IS THE LIFE!!!
Heres a video of my demonstrating:

thats my site, you can also find me on Facebook:
Im always looking for friends to join my team, and always have openings for ONLINE parties!!!


  1. That was SOOOOOO stinking cute TESS. i watched the whole thing just because i miss you! Good job flogging! that was one thing i could never do. ;) Love you friend.
    PS> i want some!!!!