Sunday, January 31, 2010

Falling In.......

So Anbo isnt potty training, well Im not training her, but she like to sit on the big potty and read a book. So tonight was one of those nights, I put the small seat thing inside the big seat, which doesnt really fit in but figured she was fine. I left the bathroom while Nick watched her.
I was sitting on the couch when I heard a splash and screaming, I jumped up and RAN!!!

Anbo had fallen into the toilet, the little seat thing went right in with her! Her little arms and legs were straight up in the air and water was all the way up her waist. Nick was yelling for me to get a towel Anbo was yelling NO POTTY NO POTTY! When I knew she was fine, I was in TEARS laughing! poor baby! We made her sit on the potty again after that, while Nick was holding her so she would hopefully see that its ok.

We do have a toddler potty, she just preferred sitting on the big one! Not anymore I dont think! haha we shall see!

Poor baby!

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