Friday, January 29, 2010

A friend tagged me well Anberlyn) in her blog, which lead to me panicking needing to update!

I dont know what to write anymore, Im constantly at a loss for words. Time is defiantly flying and we will have another little girl very soon! Pregnancy and I are not the best of friends. Heart burn is killer, my little gymnast inside me keeps me up all night. So here I am lack of sleep, and so looking forward to the future. Ive been blessed.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Anberlyn's 2nd birthday! Im super excited, I tried really hard to keep it small due to finances and only invited 14 people!!! which forgetting about husbands we have 21 adults coming and 11 children!!!! YIKES, This whole Shin Dig is happening in my little condo, we have moved furniture around, and I think we are gonna pull it off, at least I pray we do! We will be a little crowded, but I think we should have fun! OH!!! and I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of Nick and I, we finished cleaning the night before, decorations are in place and all we have to do is pull the food out of the fridge!!! (oh and Nick is running to the store to grab ice for drinks)We are such procrastinators Im so stunned!

My sister in law Crystal flew into town this past week, with her brand new one month old baby girl!!! It was such a joy to meet her! Miss Juliet is such a little cutie pie.

Nick and I are doing GREAT, besides the colds that are lingering. I married an amazing man!! He takes such great care of Anberlyn and I!

Anberlyn is such a great little girl,so independent, smart and has the best personality, she makes me laugh. Dont get me wrong she has her moments!!! a few today but she is wonderful!

Well Thats all!

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  1. Awww! I hope you update this tomorrow by telling all about Anbo's b-day party!! I hope it's great and that you guys aren't too crowded!!