Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hospital Visit.

 **If your my Facebook friend you know all this, I didnt want to post on FB, I feel like posting on FB makes me look like I want all the attention, and Im looking for pity, and stuff, I d ont like it. BUT I was so stressed, I was hurting for my baby, I was super worried, I was scared. So I decided to post. I needed prayer, I needed support, and I thank each of you for that!
Now to the story.

This past Tuesday was eventful! To say the least!
Started out ok. Penelope had two projectile spit ups/vomits. They were white in color. It bothered me, but I was very concerned. I knew something was up though. Something wasnt right. Nick got home from work just after 5pm. I told him how I felt. I said that if I still felt that way in the morning that I would take her to the Dr.
I finished getting ready. Nelly and I were heading to my parents house to meet a friend half way so she could cut my hairs. I was so excited to get a new look!

Arriving at my parents house, Brandi was looking at Nelly, in her car seat. She witnessed Nelly spit up. No biggie, shorty after that was projectile green vomit, I ran over, Brandi was trying to tilt the carseat as I was trying so hard to unbuckle her. She was choking, then she wasnt breathing, I got her out and turned her over and was hitting her back. She was coughing and ok.
Some of the fun stuff, it was all over the carseat and her clothing.
I started crying and decided to call my Dr. I apologized to Brandi as I didnt think my hairs were getting cut! (So sad, haha) The nurse on call instructed me to head to the ER. My dad and I loaded up my car, he sat in the back with Nellers to make sure she didnt vomit more, my mom was on her way to the hospital as well. Nick, poor guy wanted to be with us, but he was at home with the other 2.

The ER was PACKED! I had a lady tell me to get comfy, she had been there 4 hours. I thought, well my baby is only 8 days old they wont keep me waiting, and they didnt...Well not in the waiting room. We got into the room, and waited and waited and waited. A Dr. came in and asked a bunch of questions. Then we waited some more. My parents looked like they were gonna drop dead, they both go to bed fairly early and get up early to head to work. It was past 11pm at this point. I told them to go home, I would be fine. So they left. The Dr came in shortly after that. He said that green vomit was a concern, and they it could mean something was wrong with her GI something (He used lots of big words) he threw out a word that scared the bageebies out of me, SURGERY!

A couple of nurses came in. Set up an IV in Penelly's little hand, they put a catheter in her to get a sample they put a tube down her nose to her tummy for the dye. (My mom was on her way to my house, so Nick could come be with me. He missed all the fun stuff) They took blood, and made her cry.
They put that sock thing over the IV so baby cant play with it. 

 We headed off to radiology to take pictures of her insides to rule out all the scary stuff. It was kinda cool to watch the dye on the x-ray screen go into her tummy. After a ton of photos they said she was ok. The scary stuff was not an issue! YAY! BUT was was causing the vomiting. She was hooked up to saline, as she was able to eat.
We headed back to our room, and waited. Nick showed up shortly after. It was around 1am or so at this point. We waited and waited. The DR. came in. He said everything looked fine, BUT her Bili levels for the jaundice were VERY high. It was 23.3!! YIKES. 30 is brain damage.
They were gonna admit us to the hospital. I was FINALLY able to feed her! She was going under the lights.

Once admitted to CHOC everything is kinda boring. She was under the lights. I was EXHAUSTED. Nick went home. I pumped. A nurse tried to feed her with a bottle. I gave her permission. Nelly didnt like it and she gagged and threw everything up all over her! haha They drew her blood. after 6 hours her levels went down to 17.3!! So exciting. Dr.s were baffled by the green vomit, and couldnt figure out why. They kept coming in and looking at her. She got poked again 6 hours after the last one. he levels were 13.1!!! WOOHOO!!! She was taken off the lights. I thought we were going home! NOPE! They wanted to keep her another night to evaluate her because of the vomiting and because her levels were so high, I guess its odd for her age.

they velcroed the protective glasses to her face. It looked funny

I was awake again all night. Sharing a room with an 18 year old and her baby. She was NOT very considerate of me and my baby! They came in Thursday morning and took more blood from Nelly. I waited for those test results. I also waited and waited and waited for the pediatrician to come in and give to ok to go home. The results came. She dropped down to 12.5 on her own! YAY Still waited for the Dr. He finally came around 2pm. He gave the ok. Waited to be discharged and off we went!!! I missed my other girls so much.
We are home and happy.

Best place to be is in Daddies arms!
So the Dr.'s have no explanation for her vomiting. I think I do.
God! I really think He was trying to get my attention.
Take her to the Hospital.
See that her jaundice levels were so high.
Get her treated, before damage could be done.
I thank Him for protecting her.

Question for you: What has been your scariest mommy moment?
Not a mom... What has been your scariest moment?


  1. Sweet friend, I can't even imagine how scary all of this was. I am so happy you guys are home now & little miss Nellie is feeling just to fatten her up a bit! Praying!!

  2. So glad you guys are home and she is doing better! Don't feel bad about posting it on FB, you needed the prayers and that is what we are all here for :). Mine would of been when Jonathan had a seizure. Don't want to see that again.

  3. Chills!! I am so sorry you were so scared and had to go through this! But it's awesome that you see it as a good thing and are thankful! You are totally right, if you hadn't taken her to the hospital it could have possibly been way worse... Hope you get some rest today! Prayin for lil Nelly still. ;)

  4. Even though I knew she was ok, I still got tear eyed reading this! So scary! I freaked when C had weird poo that color, I can't imagaine seeing vomit that color! Praise God she is healthy and home where she belongs.

    Scariest moments:

    With Noah it was his first (and subsequent) allergice reaction to cow's milk. He was only 10 months old and one little bit of fro-yo cause his lips to swell and hives to spread all over his body.

    With Caitlin, it was this past month when she projectile vomited for an hour. She covered Alex, her bed, me, our bed, me again, until I finally rocked her to sleep. I sat int he rocker with her until 2 am, just to make sure she didn't vomit again. Doc thinks it was the baby oatmeal, she's most likely alelrgic to gluten. :(