Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tater Tot Tuesday- I need Jesus

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Not much going on here! Yet so much, I just havent been writing anything down this week.

I found this funny though.

     Anberlyn wakes up a few times a week screaming that she is scared. That there is a monster in her        room or something. SOOO I tell her to talk to Jesus, to ask Him to help calm her heart and take the scary things away. 

So the threes {{{ cough, THREE}}} girls and I went with my friend Stefani and her daughters to get frozen yogurt while the daddies were at dads night out.
The girls started acting up, so we decided it was time to go, it was after 8:30pm, so past bed time. Anbo was not getting in the car and putting herself into her car seat, I was getting a weeeee bit frustrated. She kept yelling that she didnt want to go home, she wanted to stay. I told her no, that we were going straight home and getting ready for bed, that her listening skills were not working correctly and they needed to rest.
She was quiet for a bit then she started crying. She said,"Jesus cant help me, Hes not coming, He is still at his house." I asked her why she needed Jesus' help, she said,"Im scared, I need Jesus right now!!" I asked her what she was scared of. she said, "Im scared of you mommy cuz I wasnt listening, I need Jesus to help me!!!"

This made me laugh a lot. I tried very hard not to let her hear me laugh.


  1. LOL oh my that is hilarious and so funny!

  2. The healthy fear of MOMMY!! WOOOT

  3. I love the way you communicate to her! And that's just too cute :)