Friday, September 9, 2011

We have a different new place.
Things were so up in the air.

The Landlord at the other place, kept making changes to the agreement,
AFTER we signed.
So we got out of that.
Now we are having tons of problems with them,
trying to get our deposit and first months rent back from them.

SO we went searching. Less than a week before we were moving.
We found a place.
Everything new!
God had a plan.

Im glad.
We move tomorrow.
We have lots of work to do!
Just about EVERYTHING is packed.
We did well,
by WE I mean NICK!
Hes done it all.

Help for the move is slim,
its freaking me out!
It will be ok though.

It might be a bit of work for Nick.
It will get done.


I LOVE new places. I love moving.
I dont love the process of moving.
hopefully though, this is the last move before the BIG move!

Our dream is to move to Seattle area.
Whether in 3 months or 10 years.


  1. Seattle? really? you crazy girl. I would get so depressed up there. SUCH A different world.. gray and cloudy (but you like that so it'd prolly work for you guys! I'd miss you though!

    SO how's the new place???

  2. Seattle! YES!!!!! Only 3 hours from me!!! And yeah it's gray & cloudy, but you get used to it. And if you battle depression they have fantastic tanning salon deals. With those special UV rays that make your happy come bouncing back. :)

    Congrats on the move!! Hope all is well.

    Psst. Btw. I think you should move to Portland. ;)