Monday, December 19, 2011

Psycho Mom

Thats what I told Nick I wanted to be, 'One of those psycho moms!'

Growing up I had a friend who wasnt allowed to watch care bears, or things like that...
As they represented the fruit of the spirit, and might confused a young child in the Christian home.
I thought it was funny. At the time, and up until a few weeks ago.

Though I dont plan to go as far as cutting care bears out of our lives,  Im planning on taking A LOT of stuff out.

You see Anberlyn has been saying 'stupid' a lot. I try to explain its not a good word, and she should not say it. Then yesterday we were sitting and watching Toy Story with her, Buzz and Woody were fighting and Woody called Buzz a moron and stupid idiot... Hmmmm Anberlyn is a sponge, she absorbs everything, I think Toy Story is a super cute and fun movie, BUT I think its gonna be put on hold, for a couple years. When she can understand more. When she can make wiser decisions to what she is allowed to say. You may think thats a lot to put on a child, but why put a limit on her?

OR you may be thinking that Im a crazy lady, stupid isnt a bad word, its really not that big of a deal. She could be saying words that are a lot worse! VERY true.

You see, I want to keep my daughters innocent as LONG AS POSSIBLE! I want to shelter them! I want them the be kids! I want their world to be lolli pops and gum drops! and STUPID does not exist in that world!

I also DO NOT want them to be naive, and they wont be, but there is a time and a place for that. An almost 4 year old, is not that time or place!

Having 3 beautiful little girls is a scary little world for me. I am doing my best!

SO here I go, going through their DVDs and hiding the ones I dont think they should watch just yet, if that makes them uncool with their (or my) friends.... Thats ok with me!!

Here is a GREAT site to help you decide, its movie reviews, by Christians, Plugged In. There is also and app! (they have a section for music, video games and TV as well)


  1. Love this. We recently did the same thing when Rhi started saying dang it. Bye Bye Dinosaur Train...and many other shows. We are with you!

  2. Good job Mama! Way to protect those precious hearts and minds!

  3. Awesome!!! I loVE unplugged. It's my go to for everything- especially Adam and me. I cannot watch a lot of violence and I don't think vulgar/crude stuff is good for him... As for the kids. That is a tough one.. So far I haven't had a problem with bad words- except saying poo-poo head and stuf like that. We shall see though. I think being extremely cautious about media is a good good thing. Proud of you lady'