Monday, December 12, 2011

Rapping about RAB

One of my bestest friends works hard.
She is a mom of four, {two of which are living in heaven}
She is a wife. A teacher. She is so many things.
This amazing lady is working SOOOO hard so she can be a stay at home mommy.
With working behind her sewing machine when she can.
To be able to do that, she needs your help.
Will you help spread the word about her business?

She has made such great things, one of my favorites is the Artfolio!!!
Anberlyn has the original, and LOVES it.
Its perfect to take to appointments, like the Dr.

I just recently bought one for myself, to take to my prayer group, and whatnot, to take notes, and doodle!

Kristen is going to do a HUGE! Im talking GINORMOUS! giveaway when she hits 500 fans on her FB! I know this can be done, I would LOVE it if you went over and 'LIKE' her page!
Thank you friends! Click ~~~> ROCK A BOW'S FACEBOOK

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