Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Ellie

You know by now how much I love and support my friends, whether its a clutch or kids items from Vessel Handmade or nail decals from Long Changed. One thing that is really dear to my heart right now is my friend Christine and her adoption!

My sweet friend is exhausted! Shes a mom of 3 in home 1 awaiting home. A preschool teacher, a wife, a daughter. Find her blog,{Collins Clan on the right} read up on my special friend. She is doing this for Ellie! She is in dire need of some rest, but she keeps movin. Why, she is on a mission a mission to get her girl home. Home to a mommy and daddy and 3 siblings who are gonna love her like she has never been loved before! Precious Ellie is waiting in an orphanage, waiting for her forever home, and her parents to come rescue her!
That said, Christine just found out that she can go meet Ellie for the first time! SOON, but before that can happen, she needs to raise some funds. She currently has a few ways of receiving donations, one being directly on her blog: The Pilgrimage another is to go like this Facebook page: Help us Bring Ellie Home and take a looksy at the auction going on right now! Its for locals in or around Orange County or Corona area, easy for pick up or drop off. She has so many awesome things to bid on, its ridiculous! Also, she enjoys taking photos, and you can get some taken locally as well:
Click photo to find her photography blog and Facebook Page

Short and sweet, but I want her to get her funds so badly! will you please consider helping her out!!!

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  1. thank you sweet friend. thank you so so much!!!!