Thursday, May 16, 2013

Little Mister, has a name

When Nick and I first got married he was stuck on the name Jase for a boy, though a cool name, I didnt like it, for my boy. Not long after Nicks cousin named her boy Jase! WOOHOO! That was out.

Then came the name Thornton.... OH MAN! Its Nicks grandfathers name, I DID. NOT. WANT. to name my kid Thornton, no way no how!!! I then agreed that if we had a boy we would use his grandfathers middle name Emerson... Well our next child was a girl and we were done with two kids.... so I thought..... So we made the name a little more feminine and added the y, Emersyn. Done. Then we got a suprise baby, our 3rd girl. Still got to avoid Thornton...

Then pregnancy number four, a boy.... Had to face Thornton, but by this point I had REALLY warmed up to the name, but just not THAT much. So I searched and searched, I read through hundreds of boy names. Then I saw it! It was perfect, fits our family. So his name is:

Gunnar Thornton

Ive been calling him Thor! I love it so much!

Gunnar is a male first name of Nordic origin (Gunnarr in Old Norse[1]) The name Gunnar means fighter, soldier, and attacker, but mostly is referred to by the Viking saying which means Brave and Bold warrior

Thornton is a male given name and surname derived from Old English, meaning "settlement walled by strong thorn hedges" or "thorny estate dweller"

So a brave bold warrior of thorny estates.... HA

I think its a good strong name, especially since he will have THREE older sisters who will be dressing him up like a princess.... :o)

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