Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Mister is a comin

A asks almost daily when her brother will be here. I tell her almost daily, that I dont know. He will come when he wants! SOOOO I made a paper chain.

Blue is how many days until Im 'full term'
Yellow is how many days until due date
Black is how many days until the end of 42 weeks

A ripped the first one off today, A and E will take turns, they love it! Im excited to watch it shrink!
(as of this post 29 days till full term, 50 days till due date, lets not talk about the black area....)

A was 11 days early, 38 weeks 2 days
E was the earliest at 36 weeks 5 days
P came 17days early 37 weeks 3 days

Do you have a guess of when Little Mister will be here?

His due date is July 4th,
(Though the last few times I was at the Dr she said July 3rd was in her computer... Who knows, they come when they want and its a guess anyhow....)

I think a little nesting has kicked in.. Ive washed his clothes through 3 months, his sheets and blankets are ready. My goal is to have it all ready by the first week of June. June 1st ideally.

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