Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A friend posted this for me! PLEASE feel free to pass this along!

Enter to win:

Simply Sweet Moments Photography

Session Giveaway!!!

If you have breasts no matter how small or large you are at risk for breast cancer; yes that includes the men too.

Here’s what you do to enter for a chance to win a personal photo session

* For every $5 donated you will receive 1 entry. There is no limit. Donating $10 gives you 2 entries. As well
   as donating $25 gives you 5 entries.

* You must donate using this link Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

* Make sure to leave a comment below saying you donated/entered with the number of your entries
  (ex:  entered x’s 5!)

* The last chance to enter this giveaway is June 30th at midnight.

* If you share this on your Facebook page you will get 1 complimentary entry. You must tell me in a comment below that you “shared”.

* Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the silent auction that will take place July 25th in Anaheim. There will be other great raffles and giveaways there!

Good luck!


(562) 400-2579

*The session will take place in Laguna Beach*

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