Friday, June 11, 2010


I know 2 posts in one day, well kinda.

SO I just found out.... PEOPLE READ THIS! WOW! I kinda sorta thought I might be talking to myself, but NO! How fun! HI GUYS!

Can you tell Im tired? Its 12:47am everyone in my household is sound asleep and here I am wide awake, and yet so very very tired! Maybe I feel I need a bit to myself, to just listen to the nothingness of my thoughts and my fingers hitting the keyboard. It is kinda nice.

I do have something to write, a question was asked to me the other day and its kinda pressing on me. I think I will write about it tomorrow when Im a bit more aware of my oh so tired thoughts.

Can I type some randomness about me...

*I LOVE Hair, Im getting so so bored with mine, but I said I would grow it out. For me ITS LONG! I will have hubby take a photo.
*Im a licensed cosmetologist, I spent many hours working for it, never went into the salon but LOVE cutting hair and do so from my home (or yours!)
*I love make-up
*I absolutely love and adore my daughters, they are both so amazing
* My husband is the greatest, I married well.
*Im walking almost 40 miles over 2 days in September.
*Im really tired right now!
*Knowing my God loves me is truly really cool!!
*As much as I want to loose weight, I dont mind being overweight, I think thats my problem!
*Coke-a-Cola makes me very happy!
*I so want to be creative, and it never works.
*Birds make me smile. Watching hawks soar is the coolest. Seeing Turkey Vulture flying above me both creeps me out and is so rad!
*My favorite animal at one time was a cow, because of their big brown eyes (and they are yummy) now its the jelly fish. They are so beautiful and relaxing to watch.
*Im learning to be a better wife.

ok I really need to get to bed. I will stop boring you with nonsense!

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