Friday, June 11, 2010

Was it worth the wait.......?

Not long ago a friend asked me the question "was it worth the wait?" I honestly didnt know what she was talking about. In further discussion I asked her, then continued to explain "YES, yes it was worth the wait!!"

I had many of opportunity to kiss guys, I had 3 guys (2 of which were pretty attractive) who felt it was their duty to to take that kiss away from me!

Lets back up a few years(15 to be exact). I went to a purity conference, during it there was this speaker, She was gorgeous inside and out. I sat there ears perked up heart in tune. She saved her first kiss for her wedding day! WOW! I decided on that day I would do the same. I would save my kiss for my husband to be! I was in the 6th grade. I dont regret it, I never will.

I had someone say, "Well what if he is a bad kisser?" Well really how would I know, I would have nothing to compare it to. Im sure if he was a bad kisser I would just know, but I lucked out, hes great. hehe

My wedding day was AMAZING!! I not on became the wife of an amazing man! I was able to give him ALL of me, my heart and my body as a whole!

I say Yes YEs YES It was worth the wait!!! It was worth every moment!

I have a few things I would tell youth,
1. When your out making out, sleeping with, fondling and anything else, chances are, your doing this with someone elses future husband or wife.
2. Your taking and giving away pieces of your heart, What will be left to give your future spouse?
3. Nick has said, " If I knew I was gonna marry you, I would have waited for you!"

Do I think you will burn in hell if you dont save your first kiss for your hubby, or wife, NO!

But I know where a kiss goes. I know it leads to more, it leaves you wanting more and going further. I know hands wonder, I know thoughts wonder further.

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