Monday, April 21, 2014


Good Friday I decided VERY last minute with a 3 day notice to have an Easter play date with some friends. To my pleasant surprise we had 15 kids and so much fun!
Nick and I stuffed eggs the night before, I had a target run and cleaned the house.

Friday morning friends started showing up. My friend Jenny brought me a peanut butter mocha, she was the first to arrive! It was yummy! I made sea salt monkey bread!!! Just add a little sea salt to the to the sugar cinnamon mix then sprinkle a little on before popping in the oven, THEN sprinkle some on after you flip it. (I didnt sprinkle much on)

We did resurrection rolls, I followed my friend Kristen's blog, which was so much fun. The kids watched a video while the resurrection rolls baked. I wish I would have shown them this one instead. Both were great though!!
I, the kids and I didnt fix it, had placed the the rolls to close together on the baking sheet... they baked together, and kinda made a mess... Silly mommy, I also didnt check to make sure the rolls were all completely sealed such... Mine were not as pretty as Kristen's.. When we cut it open, and the the marshmallow was gone, my eldest was flabbergasted! She did not understand! I truly enjoy that, curiosity, wanting to understand.

I pulled out some coloring sheets for the kids to color, I closed up the blinds and a mom and I went and kid the 100 eggs Nick and I stuffed. Then we let them out! Littles first to get a headstart then a minute later we let out the bigs, and they darted around. The smiles and the laughter heard was the absolute best! Im so glad I had a last minute shindig and may will do it every year!!!

Our Easter was simple. My poor Mister stepped on a nail on Saturday. He went in and got a tetanus and antibiotics.  The Dr he saw told him that if his foot got any redder, hut anymore or swelled at all to head straight to the ER, that he had seen to many cases where the patient didnt take it seriously and lost a limb..... So of course Easter morning Nicks foot was more red, swollen and he was feeling more pain. The kids and I dropped him off at the emergency room and headed to church.

We attended a new church twice, I adore it. Everyone knows everyone. So every 3rd person asked me where Nick was, I made the mistake by saying, "at the ER" I should have started with 'Nick stepped on a nail yesterday......' Oh well! I talked to my dad, he invited us over for lunch, he assumed we had Easter plans. We didnt. so veggie sammies and salad it was. (Nick is fine by the way. He had an Xray and the examined the wound)

Here are some photos, not the best, but its what I got! Friends took some great ones as well!:

Anbo hadnt seen her friend in a while, she was SOOOO excited to see her.
They each drew a best friends photo! Sweet Girls!



  1. That sounds so fun! Hopefully Nick has a speedy recovery. God Bless all of you!

  2. That sounds so fun! Hopefully Nick has a speedy recovery. God Bless all of you!