Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Monday- Food.. Excersize.

Ive slacked on my juicing. I MISS it! Ive slacked on eating well. I havent been eating bad, but not my best. My Anxiety problems are starting to come back as well.. Numbing in the face, strange heart beating, feet and hands feel funny. Ive been tested left and right, lots of blood work and an MRI. So busting out my oils (which help a ton), fixing my diet, main thing.... Being consistent!!!

So heres what I did today.

I juiced, carrots, LOTS of green, a beet (and its leaves), cucumber, a chunk of ginger, one apple and a lemon.  Not gonna lie, for the first juice back, it was a little hard to down. I only drank a quarter of it, saving a quarter for my smoothie and the other half for tomorrow.

I was gonna clean up and make it all pretty.... But this is real life!!!

For the smoothie I put some of the pulp in it.... BAD PLAN! BLEH I also added fresh strawberry, the juice an orange from my tree and frozen berries. I didnt add veggies this time cuz of all the veggie in the juice. I also added hemp protein, chia and flax. The pulp made the texture, NASTY! I didnt finish my smoothie, instead froze into ice tray to spread out through different smoothies this week, NO WASTING! I drank about half.


Then to iced coffee. We have a Toddy Cold Brew System. I LOVE it. so I had that mixed with vanilla coconut milk creamer. Its yummy but I try to avoid carrageenan and it has it... I also will often use Vanilla Almond milk. Or plain almond milk with a splash of vanilla extract. (I also ate 1 Irish soday bread biscotti)

Lunch was half a cucumber, Power Greens, unsalted toasted by me sunflower seeds, a lemon, half a jalapeno, carrot and an avocado.  I did tear off a piece of baguette.
After lunch I made a blended Matcha drink with Matcha and plain almond milk. I added vanilla extract and a small squeeze of agave. not bad!


Through out the day and before lunch and dinner (not before breakfast cuz I want my juice to be the first thing in my system) Ive been drinking glasses of water with either a couple drops of Lemon oil or a couple drops of Slim & Sassy.

Dinner was a fail. thin crust pizza, it was easy. I started to feel worn down. I think Im getting a cold. Im gonna try to knock it out and will share with you this week.

After each meal Im hopping on the tread mill for 10 minutes or the stair stepper for 10 minutes. (kids occupied with coloring or dancing, or naps.) I hope to do 20-30 minutes on the stair stepper at wake up most likely before bed. Ive just bumped my short goal on my Fitbit from 7,000 steps to 8,000 steps but ideally making it to 10,000 steps each day.I did not accomplish that.. There will be other days. Its a process.

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