Wednesday, April 30, 2014

His n Hers

I walk into the garage and spotted my husbands collection. I then giggled! His collection of oil is funny to me! We have enough to last YEARS!! My collection... a little different!
Its funny because my best friend stopped by since her washer died to throw her clothes in my washer and noticed his oil collection!! Same day. I'm easily amused!

As he loves his collection of oils... I LOVE and ADORE mine!

I have been having so much fun learning and researching. Ive been getting emails or text messages from friends and family asking what would work for this or that, and off I go!!! My mind is blown as to what these babies can do!!!

Have a question on what you can use for what....
Email me:
Website to find these oils-

Email me if you want to get more information on a starter kit with many of the oils to help replace your medicine cabinet !

**I am not a Doctor and do not have the ability to treat or diagnose. Anything you choose to use is upon your own discretion.

ALSO, did you see my new button!!! Yeah, up there on the right, my face.... if you click it, it takes ya somewhere fun!!! :o)

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