Friday, June 22, 2012

Coffee time

OOPS! I finished before you got here.... Sorry about that. I still have stuff on my mind, if you still wanna chat!
If we sat down for coffee, which we really should do! I love sitting in a coffee shop and chit chatting.
Anyway, my mind tends to wonder, so if we sat down for coffee, you would need to remind me to stay focused!

I would tell you that I went out with a friend earlier in the week, just her and I and just really got to talk and hang out, getting to know one another. It was pretty great. I would say that I love one on one times with friends, without the distraction of others. Don't get me wrong though, I love love love hanging out with a group of friends as well. This week, month even the last few months, I have really been able to weed out and truly see who my true friends are. Its been kinda cool. Ive been getting to know new friends, and getting deeper with old ones. God has been showing me some fun stuff.

I then may talk about homeschooling. Its becoming so real, so quickly. My good friend has been so on top of it this week, making me feel so behind, she is pushing me. Its good. I feel at a stand still till I get the curriculum I need it in hand to figure out my year. As most things I'm just waiting to finish up saving for it, next month it should be in my hands, and I couldn't be more excited.

Then while sipping on my next drink, green tea lemonade to be exact. I would talk about how Ive really been digging into who I wanna be. Who God has created me to be, and to JUST BE ME {YOU}. So I'm gonna start my weight loss process again, I have my wish list of clothing saved up, stuff I don't want to buy in large sizes, I'm excited for it! I know, silly! I think though it has me working toward something. OH and next week I get a hair cut... I don't know what I want done, what do you think? My goal is to grow it out, but I need something to hold me over. For sure tons of layers, but I'm struggling with the thought of cutting my tails off! Currently it drops down to a point on either side. Its my first time going to this person, so excited, and even more excited she works Saturdays!

Oh yes, my kids. One just bit the other, in defense. Oy vey! One managed to get the other in the little boobie and its swollen!

OK, back to our chat. I would let you know how excited I am that next week my amazing hubster and I celebrate 9 years of marriage! I would also mention how proud I am of my four year old. She is pretty amazing, but Ill talk about that later.
I think I can keep talking for the rest of the day, I'm talking up a storm. Sorry about that. How are you doing?

I posted today in response to Vessel Handmade's post, check it out, Coffee Date.


  1. It made me giggle that you finished your coffee already.

    So I saw this awesome thing to do with weight loss. For every pound you lose you put $1 or $5 in a jar. Then when you reach your goal you buy clothing with it. COOL!

    1. Oooo like that idea! Maybe somewhere in between. 2 or 3 dollars!!

  2. i love your coffee posts... cute! keep them coming! :)