Monday, June 11, 2012


In high school lots of people called me that, Smurfette, my hair was the perfect shade of blue. Later in life I would marry my man Nick, with marrying him, I took on his friends, one of which was named,
S. Murphy {Smurphy, Smurf}. A little later Mr. Smurphy found his bride. She proudly took on the name Smurfette.

Now this bride of Smurfy is on of my best friends. I adore her and her love for her groom and children. I love her love for God. I LOVE her love for the hurting child. I admire her hard work and where it has taken her. I just love her and her family!

Have you figured out who Im talking about? Well lets keep going.
Rock a Bow started a few years back, and has grown like crazy. It has taken this family to places, I dont think she knew she was capable of. And today she has said good bye to Rock a Bow and a HUGE, GREAT BIG welcome to Vessel Handmade. I encourage you to go take a look at her new website, its SUPER PURDY, and go LIKE her on Facebook, follow her on twitter, take a look at what she is interested in on Pinterest! She is a pretty cool lady, worth getting to know, worth checking out her products, worth every second just taking a look, I guarantee you might swoon, just a little!

Thank you friends for going to take a look, it means a bunch to me!

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