Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tater Tot Tuesday: Anberlyn

My girl has a precious heart. I'm doing my best, but I know that God is truly the reason for it. I'm trying to teach her the good in giving, to give someone else the bigger half, the better toy, cuz thats what she would want someone to do for her. {{Yet, I do not want her to be walked all over}} So saying that go over HERE and read about something that my biggest girl did that brought tears pouring down my face, ~> COLLINS CLAN I'll wait for you to read it, go ahead.
Whats not said there, is that Anberlyn wore a butterfly dress when we went. She hadnt worn that dress since Easter, Christine pointed it out. I didnt put it on her on purpose. It was just warm and cute. Whats the big deal about a butterfly dress you ask, well go read HERE about it.. {{Then buy a puzzle piece or 2 or one for each person in your family, or dedicate them to friends, or adopted children you know... Anberlyn gave one of her pieces to each person in our family}} OK how cool is that!?!?!  How cool is our God!?!?
Ok so yesterday, I open my front door to find a box, a large box, OH YES, Anberlyn's Aunt rocks, My sister, she bought Anberlyn the magnadoodle she was saving for! I told Anberlyn to wait until nap time so she can play with it in peace and quiet, what does she say, "I want Emersyn to play with it first!" This toy that she has been wanting, saving for, she wants her little sister to have the opportunity to play with it before her!! I HAVE A HARD TIME WITH THAT! Something new and fun, all yours, to share... oh thats hard! Dont get me wrong though, Anberlyn DEFIANTLY has a hard time sharing, there are fights, there are tears and screams.
So thats my girl. My sweet sweet sweet innocent precious girl of God!

Her next goal is to grow her hair to her bottom and donate it to a child who has no hair! :o)

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  1. So awesome! God is good... thanks for the shout out.. love you girl!